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document Alkane Nomenclature
Simple Alkanes The parent name of the molecule is determined by the number of carbons in the longest chain. In the case where two chains have the same number of carbons, the parent is the chain with the most substituents. The carbons in the chain are numbered starting...
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document Polycyclic Molecules
Both natural and man-made examples of compounds that contain more than one ring system are known. These can be classified depending on how many rings are present and how the rings are joined together.    If there is a single carbon atom common to two rings, then...
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document Student Question: What if a halogen and an alkyl substituent are on the same numbered carbons? The book and the lecture slides tell us that they are simply equal and numbering is seemingly random.
Halogens typically do receive priority over alkyl substituents when you can number a parent chain either of two ways resulting in the same locants (numbers) on the substituents.  See the examples below: The left compound would not be 2-methyl-4-chloropentane because chlorine is...
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